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Solid SILVER Vs Rhodium Plated Silver precious metal?
From time to time we get asked the question which is better solid magic or plated? I shall go though both here and make the decision possible for you.
Sterling silver plating was set up as a very inexpensive or cheaper way to take pleasure from pretty jewellery, more so that individuals could afford it as sterling may have been out of their price range. If the little treasure is actually a classic solid silver piece it will have it stamped with one of the next "sterling,925 or English hallmarks" normally on the inside or bottom.
Solid silver consists of about 92.5% of real sterling silver with another 7.25% of other metallic this is normally copper. Sterling silver has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. If 99.9% silver or "pure" silver was used to make jewellery it wouldn't be durable enough for bands or other Jewellery. it is merely too delicate and couldn't cope with stress or strains of daily wear and tear. Then alloying silver with copper gives it its power and also conserving its appearance while which makes it more durable. This has been done for a while (Centuries).
Lately we have noticed more and more "Rhodium Plated sterling silver Jewellery", we will explain here what this new stage is and whether it's all it's cracked up to be or is solid still a lot more desired option.
Rhodium is from the Platinum family and is sourced by natural means within ore Debris however this is hard to split up meaning the finding of this steel wasn't until 1800's. This material is mined in a variety of countries throughout the global world in famous brands South Africa, Canada and russia though the main source would be South Africa.
Rhodium is a silvery white color, More than ever it has been used in the Jewellery business as a protecting hard level "Rhodium Plated silver 925 precious metal Jewellery" it can be used in both layer silver and on white yellow metal rings, bracelets and so on. It is employed as a protective covering "plate" mainly. It is coated on as a thin layer via electroplating.
Though Rhodium is quite shiny Sound Sterling silver is much more reflective and appealing to the optical vision. As a result Silver that is coated/Plated with Rhodium is a lot duller and not as pleasing to look at. However as time passes Solid metallic will boring down though never to worry a quick polish will have it back again to that gleaming bling you like. Rhodium Plating will eventually rub off and you will have to get your treasured Jewells plated again and again, which is not ideal. Pay cheap buy twice
Rhodium plating is not suitable for all sorts of sterling jewellery. Sterling Balinese jewellery i.e. antiqued, which can be an important feature of styling. Rhodium plating would destroy the antiquing operation.

So to conclude
There are incredibly few cases in which sterling silver shall not have a hall mark, it Should undoubtedly be stamped with "sterling,925 or English hallmarks" then it is most likely NOT sterling. This sterling standard has been around a very long time in fact for decades. If you are the fortunate person to discover an unmarked 300 year old silver piece you have hit the jackpot and have an extremely pricey antique. Though it doesn't imply anything the rule of thumb is whether it's not stamped then you've guessed it it isn't sterling. So don't bother wasting your cash and likewise don't sell as sterling. There exists protection in place that forbid selling or falsely representing gold that's not stamped.

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